Bestogoo is the easiest and fastest way to search for the best ones around you.

The project

Bestogoo is a platform / Web App that aims to suggest to users from all over the world the best commercial activity of each category, selected from those present on the portal within a given radius of their geolocation. For the first time, all the reviews present on the web on the various portals and specific sites in the sector are aggregated for multiple commercial categories and integrated with the reviews that can be left through Bestogoo itself. At the same time, the portal offers commercial businesses that intend to register with it greater visibility and the possibility of being included in a ranking of "the best" determined by the users themselves.


Michele De Luca - Co-Founder Bestogoo Michele De Luca
Francesca Armenio - Co-Founder Bestogoo Francesca Armenio
Giovanni Montano - Solution Architect / Developer Bestogoo Giovanni Montano
Solution Architect / Developer
Davide Civitiello - Advisor Bestogoo Davide Civitiello